10 Famous Traditional Foods In Malaysia
10 Famous Traditional Foods In Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is known in the world as a food paradise whether traditional or modern. Many food entrepreneurs in the country make traditional cakes of various races as their source of income. We share 10 famous traditional foods in Malaysia:

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  1. Roti Canai. Roti canai is a traditional food for the Indian community. It was brought to Malaysia through Tamil Muslim immigrants who have long settled in the country. This food is suitable to be enjoyed with dal gravy, curry and sauteed sambal depending on individual tastes.
  2. Nasi lemak. If roti canai is a traditional food for the Indians, nasi lemak, also is one of the traditional foods of the population are Malays. In addition, the ingredients needed to make nasi lemak are coconut milk, ginger, red onion and pandan leaves. Next, nasi lemak is tastier when served with sauteed sambal, fried peanuts, anchovies and fried eggs. Even so, there are some Malaysians who like to add side dishes to their nasi lemak such as shrimp sambal, meat rendang and squid sambal.
  3. Rojak. Who among you likes to eat salad? If the salad is a mixture of vegetables, Malaysia has its own mixture of fruits that is a favorite of many. Known as rojak, this food has various other names such as fruit rojak, Penang rojak, Indian rojak and kangkung rojak. For your information, fruit rojak is a mixture of mango, pineapple, sengkuang and guava. Apart from that, rojak buah gravy is soy sauce mixed with belacan, water, sugar and peanuts that have been ground or pounded. Rojak India or better known as pasembor is a famous food in Penang. Pasembor is a mixture of boiled potatoes, fried cucur, bean sprouts, sengkuang and boiled eggs and this food is usually eaten in the evening.
  4. Asam laksa. The laksa noodles are white and served with spicy fish gravy. However, this meal would not be complete without sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions, chillies, cucumbers and eggs.
  5. Apam balik. Apam balik is the national heritage food declared by the National Heritage Department of Malaysia. For your information, the ingredients used to make the food are a mixture of flour, coconut milk, sugar, baking soda and eggs. Many apam balik sellers make their own version by adding chocolate, strawberry and cheese filling.
  6. Sate. Each place has different satay prices because the way the food is made itself is quite complicated and requires a lot of patience. For those who consider the making of the satay material difficult and want it at an immediate rate, there are traders who make frozen satay for your convenience.
  7. Kuey teow. Kuetiau is one of the favorite foods for dinner but it is tastier if eaten hot with a garnish of half -cooked eggs.
  8. Otak-otak. Although brains and sata have the same essence, but the two foods have different shapes. The shape of the brains is elongated while the sata is pyramidal. Do not confuse!
  9. Mamak fried noodles. Mamak fried noodles are different from the others because this food is cooked until dry but still delicious to eat.
  10. Fried bananas. Fried bananas are better eaten in the evening. However, the ingredients needed to make the food are bananas, eggs and flour. Just like other foods, fried bananas can also be eaten with cheese and chocolate according to individual tastes. There is no denying that many people love fried bananas with cheese, milk and chocolate so much so that it becomes contagious on social media.

In conclusion, Malaysians should be proud to be able to enjoy a variety of foods from other races without having to go abroad.