10 Ways to Overcome Online Game Addiction
10 Ways to Overcome Online Game Addiction

In today’s digital age, online games are among the entertainment that many people love. Unfortunately, many people become addicted to forget the important things around them, from physical health, work, to not wanting to socialize.

Playing games is not prohibited, but if you are addicted, it is good to start making improvements in order to overcome the addiction to online games that may have a bad effect. Well, how do I solve it? Try following some tips that have been summarized by Carisinyal below.

10. Create an Online Game Play Schedule

People who are addicted can not immediately stop or leave their favorite online games. But if he really intends to quit, at least he can reduce the intensity of his play. One way that can be tried is to make a strict game play schedule.

For example, if all this time you could be up all day in front of the gadget, now you can only play online games for 5 hours every day. Don’t forget to specify what time you can play the game. The most important thing is that this schedule must be adhered to.

You also have to get used to the discipline and adhere to the schedule that has been made. Once you get used to it, you can reduce your playing time again. If you can only play games for 5 hours at first, try to reduce it to 3-4 hours every day. Do it gradually until you are completely free and not dependent on the game.

9. Stay Away from Gadgets

People who are addicted to online games are usually because they are used to holding gadgets, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So when you start an addiction and want to quit, start staying away from any work.

One way is to put gadgets outside the room. While relaxing in your room, you may tend to hold a smartphone or other gadget and automatically open game applications. From now on, try to get used to not holding the gadget at all times so as not to feel dependent.

8. Cut/Reduce Game Play Budget

For people who are addicted, spending a lot of money for online games is a common thing. If you are this type of gamer and intend to quit, the only way to overcome addiction is to cut the budget used for online gaming.

You have to be disciplined in managing your finances and dare to refrain from spending your money on things related to the game. Even if necessary, you can ask your family or someone you trust to help manage your money, so that he or she can control your spending.

7. Replace Gadget with Regular Specs

Some online games are known to require adequate support facilities, ranging from gadgets with gahar specifications to fast internet networks in order to avoid lag. So a powerful way to overcome game addiction is to eliminate the various supporting facilities.

If you have been using a smartphone or computer with high specs to be able to freely play games, replace all your devices with mediocre specifications. If possible, limit the use of the internet at home, both the amount of quota and the speed.

The point is, eliminate all facilities that support online games. With limited and very minimal facilities, you will also have difficulty playing the game so slowly start to leave it. Keep in mind that making changes like this will definitely feel heavy, but it’s worth a try in order to break free from online gaming addiction.

6. Do Not Seek Any Information About Online Games

A gamer usually always follows any information related to the game he is playing, for example about the latest game version updates or certain events. All you need to know, reading info like this will only increase the desire to play games.

Moreover, if there is a new game update that is more exciting or there is an event that offers tempting prizes, surely the desire to play the game will be more tumultuous. Therefore, if you are trying to overcome your addiction, you should never read or look for any information related to the game.

5. Explore and Pursue Other Hobbies

One of the powerful ways to overcome online gaming addiction is to pursue other hobbies that can be more profitable. From now on, try to think of a hobby or field that you are interested in other than games, then work seriously so that you can forget your desire to play online games.

If you feel you have no other hobbies or do not yet know where your interests and talents are headed, start to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. In this way, who knows you may find your interest in other fields that may be much more useful and fun than just playing games.

4. Spend Time with Friends and Family

When you’re addicted to games, you may have forgotten about the world around you. Therefore, spending time with the people closest to you can be a powerful way to distract you from online gaming. Try taking time to chat with family or go hangout with friends.

Do fun activities so that your attention is completely diverted from the game. Enjoy being with them and forget for a moment about all things related to online games. Do this regularly until you get used to interacting with others without having to think about the game.

3. Reduce the Intensity of Chatting and Meeting Fellow Gamer Friends

Hanging out with fellow gamers will automatically make you more immersed in the world of games, because the main topic of conversation must always lead to the game that you play. So if you are trying to overcome your addiction, there is nothing wrong with reducing your social interaction with fellow gamers.

This does not mean you should completely cut off contact with them. Stay good friends, just reduce the intensity of your meetings. Even if you meet, try to find other topics of conversation and do not talk about games, because talking about games will only strengthen your sense of addiction to online games.

2. Keep Yourself Busy with Work

For those of you who are already working, it is good to turn your attention to work in order to eliminate your addiction to games. As much as possible keep yourself busy with work and complete all unfinished tasks. To do this of course requires a strong enough motivation.

First, convince yourself that keeping yourself busy with work will be much more rewarding than playing games. Second, set personal goals or deadlines related to work, this will greatly help motivate yourself to be more active.

1. Uninstall Game Totally

The recommended way to overcome online gaming addiction is that the process should be done slowly or gradually. But if you have a strong determination and more courage, this one way can be tried.

By deleting all gaming applications in the gadget, you will automatically stop playing online games and focus more on other things. If you want a more extreme way, you can delete the account or character in the game you are playing. That way, you are completely free from the online games that have been holding you back.

Here are 10 ways you can try to overcome online gaming addiction. The most important thing is that you have the intention to quit, because any good and powerful way will not work if you do not have a strong determination. Have fun trying the tips above and we hope you succeed in overcoming your addiction to online games.